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6 Dec 2016 to 4 Feb 2017
11 Jan 2017 to 19 Mar 2017
3 Feb 2017 to 10 Mar 2017
Friday, January 29, 2016 to Friday, March 11, 2016
The Junction Theatre, Al Serkal Avenue
Madinat Theatre @ Souk Madinat
United Arab Emirates
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Short+Sweet Theatre Dubai 2016

Short+Sweet is the largest festival of 10 minute plays in the world! And now it’s back in its fourth successful year in Dubaii! The 2016 Short+Sweet Dubai Theatre Festival will be held at The Junction Theatre in Al Quoz and The Madinat Theatre @ the Souk Madinat  from January 29th to March 11th, 2016.

Over six jam-packed weeks, more than 250 of Dubai’s most exciting actors, writers, directors and Independent Theatre Companies will present over 80 10-minute plays. The festival will include something for everyone - comedy, drama, romance and thrillers – and all in just 10 minutes!

Plays presented in the festival will include the best 10-minute plays from around the world as well as scripts by some of Dubai’s top playwrights, including some exciting new talent. The plays will be performed by actors from Dubai, other emirates - Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and interational groups from India.


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In an extraordinary achievement precociously talented Dubai based writer-director-actor Sanjeev Dixit and Third Half Theatre have won Short+Sweet Dubai for a second year in a row.

In front of a full house at the Madinat Theatre on Friday night, Dixit’s epic ten-minute musical, The Tragic Queen, performed by a cast of 18, took... read more

REGISTRATIONS CLOSE: Thursday 19 November 2015

Register your interest as an Actor for Short+Sweet Dubai 2016, the biggest little play festival in the world!

Registering as an actor for the Short+Sweet Festival means that you will have the opportunity to audition for all of the festival’s directors at once. We will be producing around 80 plays – your perfect role... read more

REGISTRATIONS CLOSE: Thursday 22 October 2015

Register your interest as a Director for Short+Sweet Dubai 2016, the biggest little play festival in the world!

If you are selected as a Director for the festival, you will get to pick from the top scripts from Dubai based and international writers which we will receive this year and a line-up of amazing actors. You... read more

REGISTRATIONS CLOSE: Thursday 22 October 2015

Short + Sweet Dubai is currently accepting submissions of ten-minute plays. Submit your script here to be considered for Dubai's fourth annual Short+Sweet festival!

SHORT+SWEET is an Australian organisation that runs the largest festival of 10 minute plays in the world, as well as... read more

REGISTRATIONS CLOSE: Thursday 22 October 2015

Register your Independent Theatre Company (ITC) here for Short+Sweet Theatre Dubai 2016, the biggest little play festival in the world!

ITCs are invited to register as the whole package! If you have a team of people – writer + director + cast – with whom you have created a 10-minute piece of theatre then REGISTER HERE... read more

Festival Schedule

  1. TOP 40


    TOP 40 Week 1 7.30 pm Fri Feb 3 and Sat Feb 4

    TOP 40 Week 2 7.30 pm Fri Feb 10 and Sat Feb 11

    TOP 40 Week 3 7.30 pm Fri Feb 17 and Sat Feb 18

    TOP 40 Week 4 3 pm and 8pm Fri 24 Feb



    Wildcards 1 2.30 pm Sat Feb 4

    Wildcards 2 2.30 pm Sat Feb 11

    Wildcards 3 2.30 pm Sat Feb 18



    3 pm Saturday 25 February 



    8 pm Saturday 25 February



    7 pm Friday 10 March


    TOP 40 Week 1 7.30 pm Fri Feb 3 and Sat Feb 4

    Note - plays are NOT listed in running order

    1. Murder by Midnight

    Writer: Jeff Goode  Director: Aida Laubach and Lisa Harter   ITC: ASD Adult Theatre

    2. Her 70th Birthday

    Writer: Farheen Khan  Director: Farheen Khan  ITC: Orb Theatricals

    3. Press Pray

    Writer: Seth Freeman  Director: Roli Agrawal  ITC: H72 Productions

    4. Auction

    Writer: Peri Desai  Director: Peri Desai

    5. The Renaissance

    Writer: Nilesh Deshpande  Director: Nilesh Deshpande  ITC: Natakwale

    6. The Detective

    Writer: Ritesh Soni  Director: Wayne Dorsey  ITC: Upstage Entertainment

    7. DDG Play

    Writer: Cliff Single  Director: Jonathan Sikklos  ITC: DDG

    8. The Flowers

    Writer: Pete Malicki  Director: Sabiha Majgaonkar  ITC: Orb Theatricals

    9. Smile for the Camera

    Writer: Akshay Gehi  Director: Sikendar Hemani  ITC: Drama Galleries

    10: Killing Bambi

    Writer: Loris Siekman  Director: Aaqeel Shariff   ITC: Aish Outt Productions


    TOP 40 Week 2 7.30 pm Fri Feb 10 and Sat Feb 11

    Note - plays are NOT listed in running order

    1. Next

    Writer: Jesse Macpherson  Director: Ryan D'sa   ITC: Orb Theatricals

    2. Lain Meta

    Writer: Rosine Saad  Director: Rosine Saad

    3. Coming Out

    Writer: Zorian Cross  Director: Ankita Rao  ITC: H72 Productions

    4. The Landlady

    Writer: Danu writers workshop  Director: Lucy McFeely   ITC: Danu Dubai

    5. ASD Adult Theatre

    6. I Was There

    Writer: Sam Guzman  Director: TBA   ITC: ASD 

    7. Happy Death Day To You (Lunar Eclipse Part 2)

    Writer: Pawan Manghnani  Director: Pawan Manghnani    ITC: Aish Outt Productions

    8. Curtain Call

    Writer: Sean O'Suillebhain  Director: Sean O'Suillebhain

    9. Leave this Town

    Writer: Farheen Khan  Director: Sandra Spencer

    10. Diary of a Break up Break down

    Writer: Alex Broun  Director: Chandni Varma 


    TOP 40 Week 3 7.30 pm Fri Feb 17 and Sat Feb 18

    Note - plays are NOT listed in running order

    1. Unfinished Business

    Writer: John McDermott  Director: Greg Lunn

    2. A Lumberjack, A Eunuch and A Pope

    Writer: James Hutchison  Director: Kirin Hilliar

    3. Playing Chicken

    Writer: Phil Apaza  Director: Phil Apaza

    4. Going Once, Going Twice

    Writer: Cerise de Gelder  Director: Joelle Thomas   ITC: Orb Theatricals

    5. Captain Everything

    Writer: TBA  Director: Gautam Goenka   ITC: H72 Productions

    6. A Very Brief Encounter

    Writer: Suzy Wilds  Director: Osman Aboubakr   ITC: H72 Productions

    7. A Defenceless Creature

    Writer: Neil Simon  Director: TBA  ITC: ASD

    8. Punkedtuation

    Writer: Lamya Tawfik  Director: Lamya Tawfik

    9. Sinfully Yours

    Writer: Biju Viswambaran  Director: Mili Baji

    10. H72 Play

    Writer: TBA  Director: Anish Rao   ITC: H72 Productions


    TOP 40 Week 4 3 pm and 8 pm Fri Feb 24

    Note - plays are NOT listed in running order

    1. This Was Our Music

    Writer: Mike Rothschild  Director: Jaidev Sanketi

    2. Blue Wire, Red Wire

    Writer: Albert Jamae  Director: Kailash Nair & Humera Sultana   ITC: Orb Theatricals

    3. H72 Play

    Writer: TBA  Director: Rashmi Kotriwala   ITC: H72 Productions

    4. Going Viral

    Writer: Brandon M. Crose  Director: Minali Patel   ITC: Third Half Theatre

    5. Heaven Knows

    Writer: Iobel Andemicael  Director: TBA   ITC: ASD

    6. I Still Love You Two (Part 3)

    Writer: Manish Keshwani  Director: Manish Keshwani   ITC: Aish Outt Productions

    7. Understanding Peanut

    Writer: Rita Martinos  Director: Jasmin Neuschaefer

    8. 3 Bin - Liners

    Writer: Rory Kilalea  Director: Rory Kilalea   ITC: Murungu Productions

    9. Blind

    Writer: Chris McDermott  Director: Chris McDermott


    Wildcard Week 1 2.30 pm Sat Feb 4

    Note - plays are NOT listed in running order

    1. The Lady and "The Tyger" or William Blake's "How I Met Your Mother"

    Writer: Trace Crawford  Director: Tabitha Kenlon   ITC: AUD

    2. The Re-birth of Pre-menopausal Widow

    Writer: Tashia Dorsey  Director: Tashia Dorsey   ITC: Upstage Entertainment

    3. No More Mr Nice Guy

    Writer: Jonathan Rand  Director: TBA  ITC: ASD

    4. Objectum Sexuality

    Writer: Ron Burch  Director: Syeda Aisha Atif   ITC: Heriot-Watt University

    5.  Machochism Tango

    Writer: Bruce Kane  Director: Vaishali Balgu   ITC: Drama Galleries

    6. Enjoy!

    Writer: Pamela Western  Director: Mara Carpencu Pop

    7. When Babies Fly

    Writer: Steve Korbar  Director: Preethi Vijayakumar

    8. A Foolish Boy

    Writer: Beth Graham and Daniela Vlaskalic  Director: Stephen Delano   ITC: Maplewood International School


    Wildcard Week 2 2.30 pm Sat Feb 11

    Note - plays are NOT listed in running order

    1. Halloween

    Writer: Sabiha Majgaonkar  Director: Priyanka Geriya   ITC: Orb Theatricals

    2. Master Who?

    Writer: Sai Bhaswana Ghate  Director: Hitesh Rajani   ITC: Aish Outt Productions

    3. L'audizione

    Writer: Lillo & Greg  Director: Michela Contini

    4. TBA

    Writer: Michel Nassar  Director: Michel Nassar

    5. The Turtle Doves

    Writer: Priyanka Pratab & Seline Mary  Director: Benjamin Samuel

    6. Bob Gets Cast Out Of Hell

    Writer: Robert O'Connell  Director: Emaan Abdulaziz

    7. The Gift

    Writer: Najwa Yassir  Director: Najwa Yassir

    8. TBA

    Writer: Hurr Al Dali Director: Hurr Al Dali   ITC: Resuscitation Theatre

    9. Fire

    Writer: Carol Dance  Director: Chetna Vaidyanathan   ITC: Manipal University

    10. My Maid and I

    Writer: Simone McGregor  Director: Simone McGregor

    Wildcard Week 3 2.30 pm Sat Feb 18

    Note - plays are NOT listed in running order

    1. Waiting for Go

    Writer: Elspeth Tilley  Director: Samantha Rowberry

    2. Just Playing

    Writer: Ruth Badley  Director: Ruth Badley

    3. Played for a Snap

    Writer: Rex McGregor Director: Shifa Ahsan & Sadiya Parvez   ITC: Heriot-Watt University

    4. Museum of Very Premium Art

    Writer: Mohd. Abid  Director: Mohd. Abid

    5. Collision

    Writer: TBA  Director: Keda Kane   ITC: FATE

    6. Bondservant

    Writer: William Orem Director: Mehak Srivastava   ITC: Manipal University

    7. Short+Sweet Acting Workshop 1

    8. Short+Sweet Acting Workshop 2

    9. ASD Student Theatre

    Writer: TBA  Director: TBA   ITC: ASD Student Theatre

    10. UOW play

    Writer: TBA  Director: TBA  ITC: UOW