Register as a Director

If you are selected as a director for the festival, you will be given the choice of around 150 shortlisted scripts and a lineup of amazing actors to choose from. With our support, you will direct a compelling 10-minute play for presentation to an enthusiastic public audience.

Directors will then be selected and sent scripts to choose from, prior to actors auditions.

Register as an Actor

Short+Sweet is heading to Hollywood, and we need some incredible local performers to spearhead our exciting LA debut!

Registering as an actor for Short+Sweet means you will have the opportunity to audition for all of the festival’s directors at once; take part in professional training workshops; gain exposure to hundreds of local artists; and perform in front of a live audience of judges, casting agents, fellow artists and the public. We will be producing over 40 different short plays – and your perfect role could be in any one of them!

Register a Magic Act

Go on, sell it to us! What can you do with 10 minutes?!

As part of Short+Sweet Cabaret, Sydney will be presenting a special event of Short+Sweet Magic! Pull a rabit, pick a card, and blow our minds - in ten minutes or under! 

We can't wait to see what you've got to offer! 

Register a Cabaret Act

Go on, sell it to us! What can you do with 10 minutes?!

Short+Sweet Cabaret Sydney 2016 will be open to all kinds of creative acts, so don't feel limited. We want to explore all aspects of cabaret; including song, musical theatre, dance/movement, spoken word, burlesque, circus, magic, drag, and everything in between! 


Short+Sweet Sydney is the largest short play festival in the world, presented over 8 weeks we produce the work of 160 new local, national and international short plays, directed by new, emerging and experienced artists, and performed by local new and experienced actors. We provide the network of artists, venue, technical support, producing skills, and an audience, all ready to see brand new short works from all around the world! 

Short+Sweet Sydney

The biggest little play festival in the world is back for its fifteenth year in Sydney! Featuring 160 plays across 8 massive weeks, with 2 exciting new programmes every week, Short+Sweet Sydney 2016 is now open for registrations! 

Writers, Directors, Actors, and Independent Theatre Companies are encouraged to register now! Simply click on Festival Submissions and complete the appropriate form. 
A lot can happen in 10 minutes - This is your chance to prove it!


  • 21 Sept: Script Submissions Close
  • 28 Sept: Director + ITC Registrations Close
  • 23 Oct: Compulsory Director + ITC Info Session 10am-1pm
  • 26 Oct: Actor Registrations Close
  • 24,25, 31 Oct & 1 Nov: Auditions
  • 5 Dec: Programme Announced
  • 7 Jan - 29 Feb: Main Season
  • 2 - 12 Mar: Finals Series

Develop skills, practice craft, explore an idea, or play around with something small on the side. Short+Sweet is an ideal opportunity to dapple in the arts, develop a new work, explore your hidden talent, or harness your skills. It is a space to put yourself and your work on the festival stage with no personal financial risk.
Short+Sweet brings together a melting pot of professional, emerging and recreational artists all in the one place. We encourage you to work with new people, or try something you haven't done before. We're all here for different reasons, but at the end of the day it's all just about one thing - ten minutes and a stage. 


PLEASE NOTE: to ensure wide participation opportunities in Short+Sweet, participants are restricted to the following number of plays: writers can only have ONE work included in the season, directors can only direct ONE play (regardless of whether it be in an ITC or a standalone submission), and an actor can only perform in TWO plays per season.*
This does not limit the amount of scripts, ITC concepts, director or actor applications submitted for consideration, so be brave and register! 
*Specific circumstances such as Crash Test Drama or special invitations from the Festival Director may be exceptions to this rule.

Contact if you have any questions.

Register as an ITC

To register as an ITC, we want you to sell us on your idea. What makes it unique? And why is your team perfectly suited? ITC selection is often competitive, so we encourage you to make a compelling case for your project.


Register as an Actor

Registering as an actor for the Short+Sweet Sydney 2016 means that you will have the opportunity to audition for all of the festival’s directors at once.
We will be producing 160 works – your perfect role could be in any one of them!



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