Book Complimentary Tickets

DUE: No later than 48 hours before performance

All registered festival artists (writers, directors, and performers whose work is being presented at the festival) are entitled to reserve ONE complimentary ticket to their own performance strand. This can be used by themselves or by a friend. Please note that directors are also entitled to house seats (for details, please see artist info pack). Please do not attempt to book more than one complimentary ticket. For any concerns, contact

Register as a Director


Register your interest as Director here for the biggest little play festival in the world!

If you are selected as a Director for the festival, you will be given the choice of shortlisted scripts and a line-up of amazing actors to choose from. You will have the opportunity to direct a 10-minute performance during the exciting heats and, if selected, participate in the Gala Finals!

Register as an ITC


Register your Independent Theatre Company (ITC) here for the biggest little play festival in the world!

Instead of applying as a lone Director and given scripts and actors to choose from, ITC’s are invited to register as the whole package! If you have a team of people – writer + director + cast - with whom you can/have/will create a 10-minute piece of theatre then REGISTER HERE!

Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2015


Register your interest as Director or Independent Theatre Company (ITC) here to participate in the biggest little play festival in the world!

Successful Directors will be offered a range of shortlisted scripts, able to cast from our talented pool of actors, and have a chance to perform in our Gala Finals for prizes and professional development! To participate in this fantastic event, register here!

Independent Theatre Companies (ITC) pitch a performance with the whole package already attached! ITC’s bring to the table their own writer, director, cast and collaborators, to perform under the umbrella of Short+Sweet to explore, create, test new works on stage. Whether it’s a full script or a detailed concept, we want to hear what you can do in 10 minutes. Register here!

Actor registration will be open at a later date, please watch this space!


If you have any questions about any of this please contact Alana Teasdale on

Tech Requirements Form

This form is to help us coordinate resources so that we can best support the requirements of your work. Please answer all of the questions to the best of your knowledge BEFORE your production meeting. We will then discuss anything that needs more detail as a part of the meeting.

Interns Wanted!

Interested in the performing arts?
Want to learn about event/festival/theatre management?
Recent graduate or current student of performing arts, theatre production, event management or marketing?

YOU should apply for an internship at Short+Sweet HQ and help out on the biggest little play festival in the world! 

Internships with Short+Sweet can increase skills, experience and networks in all areas of the creative industries.


Confirm your Team

DUE: Wed 25 June
Once you have confirmed your full team, please let us know. We will require each person’s email address and mobile phone number in case we need to contact them.
It is important that we have a record of each person on your team to make sure they receive a backstage pass and complimentary ticket. This applies to performers or creatives that are directly involved in the creation of your work


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