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Register for the Canberra Writers Workshop

The best thing about Short+Sweet is that it allows anyone to participate in the biggest little play festival in the world! 

For writers who want some spark for their creative juices, we have just what you need.

Short+Sweet Canberra's writing workshop will be held 13-15 October. The process is pretty straightforward: you come on Friday evening, and get your creative juices flowing. Then you stay up all night, or rest up and sit up all day Saturday to write a first draft of your script, or maybe even a second. And then on Sunday, you come back, hand your script to some actors, and see it come to life for the first time.

Your workshop leader will provide you with some written feedback on your script, but more importantly, you will get an idea of just how your words will work on stage.

The workshop will be led by Trevar Alan Chilver, Short+Sweet Canberra's festival director, who has been writing for Short+Sweet since the festival was new. His plays have been performed in festivals in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Hollywood and London, and he brings a wealth of experience to the table, to help you let your creativity shine.

The cost for this workshop is $25 per writer, and that includes light meals on Friday evening and lunch on Sunday. Payment is accepted in cash on arrival on Friday, but you do have to register.

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This workshop will help both experienced and inexperienced writers, but it is helpful for our director to know the level of experience to expect.