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20 Jul 2017 to 27 Aug 2017
10 Aug 2017 to 19 Aug 2017
Tuesday, December 20, 2016 to Sunday, January 8, 2017
The Butterfly Club
5 Carson Place, off Lt Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
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Short+Sweet Theatre Melbourne 2016

The biggest little play festival in the world is back in Melbourne at The Butterfly Club, featuring great new theatre and fantastic cabaret performances... Short+Sweet Melbourne 2016 is coming soon! 

A lot can happen in 10 minutes - This is your chance to prove it!

Tickets are now on sale, full program is coming soon, hurry up and make sure you don't miss out.




TOP 20 heats week 1:
20-23 DECEMBER 2016 

TOP 20 heats week2:

5-6 JANUARY 2017


7 JANUARY 2017

gala final, awards presentation:

8 JANUARY 2017.




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Development Partners

Getting really excited about our judging team members enthusiastically confirming their availability for our Melbourne return. Lots of famous and important characters prominent in the Australian theatre scene.

Obviously we can't reveal who right now...but stay turned to get hints and try to figure it out. They are stars themselves and their vote (support) can lead to your shining as... read more

If you are selected as a director for the festival, you will be given the choice of around 100 shortlisted scripts and a lineup of amazing actors to choose from. With our support, you will direct a compelling 10-minute play for presentation to an enthuastic public audience.


Directors will then be selected and sent scripts to... read more

Registrations Close October 7.

To register as an ITC (Independent Theatre Company), we want you to sell us on your idea. What makes it unique? And why is your team perfectly suited? 

In your registration, we ask that you include a script or concept – this can just be a one-page pitch if no script is available yet. You can also optionally include one piece of... read more

Registering as an actor for the Short+Sweet Melbourne 2016 means that you will have the opportunity to audition for all of the festival’s directors at once.
We will be producing up to 48 works – your perfect role could be in any one of them!

We'll contact you when audition dates are sorted.

Actors are required to present a 1-2 minute monologue and bring along their printed... read more

How does it work?


    It all starts when you register now.

    + Directors register as individual artists, by sending us their CVs. Once the directors are selected, they are sent a copy of the shortlisted scripts from which they select one.

    + Independent Theatre Companies submit a pitch for their own show. They are a team of people banding together under the one registration to stage their own work with their own roles. ITCs may find additional actors from the auditions if needed.

    + Actors register now to audition soon. Directors and some ITCs attend these auditions and select their cast for their play.

    + Once all of the artists and plays have been selected, we allocate performance dates based on availability and content. It is important to be available for more than one performance during the festival as there are artistic considerations to go into the scheduling of plays, as well as practical. Once all preferences are made and some juggling is performed, Directors and ITCs are allocated their performance dates and the season programme is announced. 

    + After selections have been confirmed, each play is left to rehearse at their own convenience. We generally have a hands-off approach during this process, though we will always be available for advice or assistance. We recommend that it takes about 20 hours to rehearse a 10-min play well (though it can be done in less, and some may require more). When you think about it, that can be done in one weekend, or across five evenings. 

    + Then, it's show time! At each performance, anonymous judges will sit in the audience and make notes on the plays. All audience members will also be given voting slips on which to nominate their favourite plays. 

    + The notes are processed and the votes are tallied. Based on the opinions of the judges and the audience, one play will be chosen to go through to Semifinals and then the Gala Final.

    + The Gala Final will be a lineup of the best plays (from the judges & from the People's Choice). During this performance, opinions will be counted from the audience and from expert and famous judges one last time. Afterwards, awards and prizes will be presented to plays and artists from a number of categories.