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11 Jan 2017 to 19 Mar 2017
3 Feb 2017 to 10 Mar 2017
13 Feb 2017 to 19 Mar 2017
Monday, August 7, 2017 to Saturday, August 12, 2017
Gyan Manch
11,Pretoria Street, Elgin
Kolkata West Bengal 700071
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Short+Sweet Theatre Kolkata 2017

Short+Sweet Theatre festival is back!

Get ready for the second edition of the ten minute 'dramaticules' festival. This year Short+Sweet festival will be held on 7th August to 12th August 2017 at Gyan Manch.

The plays can be in either English, Hindi or Bengali. You can participate as a playwright by submitting a script or as an actor or director. You can enter as a team or an Independent Theatre Company.(ITC)

Forms for each will be soon open for registration on this website. You can Like our Facebook page "Short+Sweet Kolkata" to receive all updates.

For more information or sponsorship enquiries please contact [email protected]

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Any entries received will be considered for Short+Sweet Kolkata 2017.

Please note that the last date for script submission is 31st March 2017.


Please read these carefully before submitting! Any entry which does not comply with the Terms And Conditions will be deemed ineligible.

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