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26 Aug 2015 to 1 Nov 2015
1 Sep 2015 to 13 Sep 2015
2 Sep 2015 to 5 Sep 2015
Wednesday, January 6, 2016 to Monday, February 29, 2016
Addison Rd Community Centre
142 Addison Road
Marrickville NSW 2204
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Short+Sweet Sydney

The biggest little play festival in the world is back for its fifteenth year in Sydney! Featuring 160 plays across 8 massive weeks, with 2 exciting new programmes every week, Short+Sweet Sydney 2016 is now open for registrations! 

Writers, Directors, Actors, and Independent Theatre Companies are encouraged to register now! Simply click on Festival Submissions and complete the appropriate form. 
A lot can happen in 10 minutes - This is your chance to prove it!


  • 21 Sept: Script Submissions Close
  • 28 Sept: Director + ITC Registrations Close
  • 23 Oct: Compulsory Director + ITC Info Session 10am-1pm
  • 26 Oct: Actor Registrations Close
  • 24, 25, 31 Oct & 1 Nov: Auditions
  • 5 Dec: Programme Announced
  • 7 Jan - 29 Feb: Main Season
  • 2 - 13 Mar: Finals Series

Develop skills, practice craft, explore an idea, or play around with something small on the side. Short+Sweet is an ideal opportunity to dapple in the arts, develop a new work, explore your hidden talent, or harness your skills. It is a space to put yourself and your work on the festival stage with no personal financial risk.
Short+Sweet brings together a melting pot of professional, emerging and recreational artists all in the one place. We encourage you to work with new people, or try something you haven't done before. We're all here for different reasons, but at the end of the day it's all just about one thing - ten minutes and a stage. 


PLEASE NOTE: to ensure wide participation opportunities in Short+Sweet, participants are restricted to the following number of plays: writers can only have ONE work included in the season, directors can only direct ONE play (regardless of whether it be in an ITC or a standalone submission), and an actor can only perform in TWO plays per season.*
This does not limit the amount of scripts, ITC concepts, director or actor applications submitted for consideration, so be brave and register! 
*Specific circumstances such as Crash Test Drama or special invitations from the Festival Director may be exceptions to this rule.

Contact alana@shortandsweet.org if you have any questions.

Principal Festival Partners
Development Partners

Short+Sweet Sydney are excited to announce our new festival partner is the SmartFone Flick Fest which is currently open for submissions.

SF3 is the brainchild of Angela Blake and Ali Crew who met through the Short+Sweet Festival in 2013.

They came through the Short+Sweet process; Angela registering to be a director, choosing one of the hundreds of scripts that was sent to her,... read more

Registering as an actor for the Short+Sweet Sydney 2016 means that you will have the opportunity to audition for all of the festival’s directors at once.
We will be producing 160 works – your perfect role could be in any one of them!


Please check the key dates prior to registering. Actors are required to present a 1-2... read more

To register as an ITC, we want you to sell us on your idea. What makes it unique? And why is your team perfectly suited? ITC selection is often competitive, so we encourage you to make a compelling case for your project.


In your registration, we ask that you include a script or concept – this can just be a one-page pitch if... read more

If you are selected as a director for the festival, you will be given the choice of around 300 shortlisted scripts and a lineup of amazing actors to choose from. With our support, you will direct a compelling 10-minute play for presentation to an enthusiastic public audience.


Directors will then be selected and sent... read more

Short+Sweet Sydney is the largest short play festival in the world, presented over 8 weeks we produce the work of 160 new local, national and international short plays, directed by new, emerging and experienced artists, and performed by local new and experienced actors. We provide the network of artists, venue, technical support, producing skills, and an audience, all ready to see brand new... read more

Our Team

  1. Enquiries regarding the festival can be sent to alana@shortandsweet.org.

    Festival Director - Alana Teasdale

    Technical Manager - Terrance Maxwell

    Stage Manager - Ryan Devlin

    FOH Manager - Aeva O'Dea

    Want to join our awesome team?

    Email alana@shortandsweet.org your CV and details on how you would most like to get involved in the behind-the-scenes of the largest short play festival in the world!

    You can register as a VOLUNTEER right now!

    Further Information

    Like our Facebook Page and join our E-News for regular updates. 

    Regular updates and images are also posted at our Wordpress site, alongside archives of Sydney festivals back to 2012. 

How The Festival Works


    It all starts when you register now.

    + Writers submit a script which is then assessed by a number of local and national readers. The best scripts are compiled into a festival shortlist.

    + Directors register as individual artists, by sending us their CVs. Once the directors are selected, they are sent a copy of the shortlisted scripts from which they select one.

    + Independent Theatre Companies submit a pitch for their own show. They are a team of people banding together under the one registration to stage their own work with their own roles. ITCs may find additional actors from the auditions if needed.

    + Actors register now to audition in October. Directors and some ITCs attend these auditions and select their cast for their play.

    + Directors and ITCs may be offered a place in our Wildcards performance strand if we run out of places in the Top 80, if the work is controversial or less suitable for the mainstage, or if they are new to theatre direction and simply want to have a go. The Wildcards are a bit like the festival fringe - plays that are experimental, works-in-progress or plays by new/emerging artists. Otherwise, they are the plays that we just couldn't fit but still wanted to program! Wildcard plays are performed under one lighting state with no additional tech requirements. 

    + Once all of the artists and plays have been selected, we allocate performance weeks based on availability and content. It is important to be available for more than one performance week as there are artistic considerations to go into the scheduling of plays, as well as practical. Once all preferences are made and some juggling is performed, Directors and ITCs are allocated their performance dates and the season programme is announced. 

    + After selections have been confirmed, each play is left to rehearse at their own convenience. We generally have a hands-off approach during this process, though we will always be available for advice or assistance. We recommend that it takes about 20 hours to rehearse a 10-min play well (though it can be done in less, and some may require more). When you think about it, that can be done in one weekend, or across five evenings. 

    + In the lead-up to the festival, each director or creative team will meet us separately for a play-specific production meeting. Here, we'll make sure that we're all on the same page, and that we can collectively achieve your vision once we get into the theatre.

    + In the production week, each play will then get a 45min slot of time to bump in, tech and rehearse their play in the theatre. This is the Technical Rehearsal and is held on Tuesdays for Top 80 plays. Wildcards will only get 15min to do a walk-through of their play on Saturday morning, with only limited technical options available.

    + After all technical rehearsals are complete, the Top 80 plays will then have a Dress Rehearsal Tuesday evening, open to Short+Sweet participants only, and Wildcards will go straight into their first performance.

    + Then, it's show time! Top 80 plays have performances Wednesday-Sunday evenings, Wildcards perform Saturday & Sunday matinees. At each performance, anonymous judges will sit in the audience and make notes on the plays. All audience members will also be given voting slips on which to nominate their favourite plays. 

    + Each week, the notes are processed and the votes are tallied. Based on the opinions of the judges and the audience, one play from the Top 80 will go through to the People's Choice Showcase and one through to the Gala Final.

    + Wildcards are announced and the Judges' choice will proceed to the Wildcards Final, but the audience votes are tallied and are determined across the entire season compared to other weeks. The highest percentage of audience votes then grants those plays entry into the Wildcards Final or People's Choice Showcase.

    + The People's Choice Showcase performs over 3 nights, with the audience determining the top two plays to head into the Gala Final. 

    + The Wildcards Final performs over 2 days with the Judges' and People's Choice votes each getting a play into the Gala Final.

    + The Gala Final will be a lineup of 12 of the best plays (1 from each 8 weeks of Top 80 plays, 2 from the People's Choice Showcase & 2 from the Wildcards Final) During this performance, opinions will be counted from the audience and from anonymous judges one last time. Afterwards, awards and prizes will be presented to plays and artists from a number of categories. 

Info for Directors

  1. Registering as a Director means you do not need to have a script, or a team, or anything apart from yourself!

    If you are selected as a director for the festival, you will be given the choice of over 300 shortlisted scripts and a lineup of amazing actors to choose from. With our support, you will direct a compelling 10-minute play for presentation to an enthusiastic public audience.

    Directors will be selected in the first few weeks of October. Scripts will be distributed at this time, before actor auditions in late October.

    Before registering as a director, please confirm that you will be available for key festival dates. 


    Register as a Director NOW!

Info for Actors

  1. Registering as an actor for the Short+Sweet Festival means that you will have the opportunity to audition for all of the festival’s directors at once. We will be producing around 160 works – your perfect role could be in any one of them!

    Auditions will be held 24, 25, 31 Oct & 1 Nov. Please ensure that you are available for one or more of these dates.

    Actors are asked to prepare one monologue, approx 1-2min long, to demonstrate their strengths as a performer. The monologue can be from any source, though it is advised that contemporary texts may be more useful than classical texts in this setting. 


    Register as an Actor NOW!

Info for Independent Theatre Companies (ITCs)

  1. Registering as an Independent Theatre Company (ITC) is the DIY approach. It means you know exactly what you want to make, and you’ve got the perfect team to help bring it to life. 

    To register as an ITC, we want you to sell us on your idea. What makes it unique? And why is your team perfectly suited? ITC selection is often competitive, so we encourage you to make a compelling case for your project. 


    Please note that you do not necessarily need a full cast confirmed at this stage. If looking for additional actors once selected, ITCs are encouraged to attend the actor auditions and cast from the pool of Short+Sweet talent. 

    In your ITC registration, we ask that you include a script or concept – this can just be a one-page pitch if no script is available. You can also optionally include one piece of additional support material that you feel may strengthen your application. This could be a company history, artist CV/bios, image of past production, or evidence of further planning for this project. It’s your project, so we encourage you to include whatever you believe to be most relevant. There is a $15 registration fee for ITC submission.

    Register as an ITC NOW!

Info for Writers

  1. Submitting your script to Short+Sweet means that you could see it brought to life on a major stage. See how directors and performers interpret your words, and then see how audiences respond!

    In order to submit your script for consideration, we request a fee of AU$20. This goes towards the cost of professional script assessment and shortlisting. For the one entry fee, your script will be considered for all upcoming S+S festivals. Some of the highest-rated entries from previous years were performed four or more times.


    Submit your Script NOW