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3 Sep 2017 to 20 May 2018
15 Sep 2017 to 1 Oct 2017
20 Sep 2017 to 12 May 2018
Tuesday, October 2, 2018 to Sunday, October 21, 2018
Harbour Theatre Shellharbour (Home of the Roo Theatre Co.) &
Bridge St Theatre Coniston (Home of the Phoenix Theatre Co.)
Coniston NSW 2500
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In the place where the mountains meet the sea, Short+Sweet Illawarra launches its inaugural season of ten-minute plays with a top 20 season at two venues in the Wollongong region 2018. The Illawarra is an untapped theatre heartland, boasting hundreds of actors, writers and directors,. The Illawarra supports a vibrant community theatre scene second to none in regional Australia.

With a focus on regional artist development, Short+Sweet will look at providing a pathway for regional emerging artists to have their work seen by the wider theatre community, as well as contribute to the region’s diversity in its performing arts community.

Script submissions are open. Writers please note, being our first year, writers are permitted to submit a piece that has already been staged in the Illawarra. This will not be possible in future seasons. Please note that if your script has already been staged at Short+Sweet Sydney it may participate however will be ineligible to progress beyond Illawarra.

Week 1 of Short+Sweet Illawarra will launch at the Harbour Theatre, Shellharbour - home of the Roo Theatre Company. 
Week 2 will be performed at the Bridge Street Theatre, Coniston - home of the Phoenix Theatre.

Principal Festival Partners

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Any entries received will be considered for the following festivals:

Short+Sweet Illawarra 2018 | Short+Sweet Sydney 2019

For the one entry fee of just AU$20, your script will be considered for all of the festivals above, as well as any additional festivals we run in 2019. Some of the past highest-rated entries were performed four or more times. Preference will... read more

WEEK 1 - HARBOUR THEATRE, Shellharbour


    TOP 20 - WEEK 1

    2nd - 7th October 2018

    Harbour Theatre, Shellharbour
    Home of the Roo Theatre Company



    TOP 20 - WEEK 2

    16-21 October 2018

    Bridge Street Theatre, Coniston 
    Home of the Phoenix Theatre Company


Our Team

  1. Enquiries regarding the festival can be sent to [email protected]

    Festival Director - Luke Berman

    Production Manager - Monica Kickert

    Want to join our team?

    Email [email protected] your CV and details on how you would most like to get involved behind the scenes.