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20 Jul 2017 to 27 Aug 2017
10 Aug 2017 to 19 Aug 2017
Thursday, March 16, 2017 to Thursday, June 15, 2017
Natividad Auditorium
De La Salle University
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Short+Sweet Film Manila

Welcome to Short+Sweet - the biggest and best short format festival in the World.

Here's your chance to go from the barangay to the bright lights of Hollywood!

If your film is selected for the Gala Final in Manila on July 30 you can go on to have your work shown on August 24 @ the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood at an A List Red Carpet Finale along with other top films from all over the world and win professional development and other prizes valued at over US$50,000.

Short+Sweet is the biggest 10 minute performing arts festival in the world with events in 30+ cities across 12 countries. We have presented over 5,000 original new works in Theatre, Music and Dance since 2002. We've been presenting Short+Sweet Theatre in Manila since 2014 and partnered with University of the Philippines, SM Aura and now De la Salle University.

Additionally - if your film is short-listed for the festival here it will also be eligible for express entry (until 2018) into other Short+Sweet Film Festivals including Sydney, Melbourne, Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kuala Lumpur, Auckland, Dubai, Los Angeles, Indianapolis and beyond...

Our international presenting partners are Stella Adler LA (http://www.stellaadler.la/) and Short+Sweet International (http://www.shortandsweet.org/)


We'll be holding heats at Natividad Auditorium at the De La Salle University in Manila on July 1, 8, 15 and 22.

Then on July 30, in an amazing venue (yet to be confirmed) we'll be holding our Regional Gala Final. The winners from which will be invited to present their films at the International Gala Final in Hollywood.

That's of course the main prize - the chance to get your work in front on an A List Hollywood audience and win professional development from Stella Adler (board members of include the like Mark Rufalo and Brad Fisher). In addition your next project could be fully funded by our partner Ryde Studios in LA to the value of US$50,000.

And of course there will be local prizes for the winners including 
Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, 
Best Play to Film Adaptation, People's Choice, Best Actor and Best Actress. 


No limits, other than your imagination.

In keeping with the Short+Sweet tradition, all films must be 5-10 mins in length (plus credits) and can be shot and edited on any device. There is no restriction on the genre, style or how the film is created. You must however have permission to use any images, storylines, music etc. in your film.

The film can be in any language or dialect. However if you want the film to be eligible for other Short+Sweet Film Festivals there must be English subtitles.

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  1. Enquiries regarding the festiva lcan be sent to either jeyms@shortandsweet.org or film.ph@shortandsweet.org

    Festival Director - James Harvey Estrada

    Executive Producer - Quincy Raya

    International Coordinator - Alexis Bartolome

    S+S Artistic Director - Mark Cleary

    Want to join our awesome team? Email jeyms@shortandsweet.org with your CV and introductory letter.

    To keep up to date with Short+Sweet Film and to be the first to hear about all our exciting announcements like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

    And keep checking back here for all our news.


  1. The Short+Sweet Film Festival is unique in that by entering your film, you are actually entering all our Short+Sweet Film Festivals currently open for submissions both online and world-wide, all for the one entry fee. In 2016/17 films will be considered for our online festival, Sydney, Brisbane and Hollywood Festivals, with our Grand Finals being held in Hollywood in September 2017. With more cities being announced over the next few months.


    Following on from the legacy and tradition of its parent theatre festival, the Short+Sweet Film Festival is dedicated to promoting local talent and showcasing it to the world. As well as encouraging filmmakers to enter, we want theatremakers and playwrights who have previously entered Short+Sweet plays to adapt them into screenplays and enter for a chance to win our Best Adaptation Prize. We see no reason why the theatre and film worlds should be so separated, and we aim to bridge that divide. 


    If you have a great story and it fits within our 10 minute time limit, then get filming and enter our Short+Sweet Film Festival.


    No restrictions on the Device(s) used to record or create video and audio.


    No restrictions on Software used to create, edit or enhance video and audio.


    Films in any language are welcome, but must be subtitled in English.


    The festival is open to filmmakers of ALL ages and levels of experience. 


  1. By entering your film to S+S Film Festival you are agreeing to the following:


    1.The running time of my Film is 10 minutes or less. Films longer than 10 minutes will not be considered and and the entry fee forfeited.


    2. I am the creator of the Film and I give permission for the Film to be presented at any Short+Sweet (S+S) festival or event for which it is eligible. If I am not the (sole) creator of the film I warrant that I have obtained all necessary permissions of writers, originators or contributors.


    3. Should my film be selected for a S+S Festival or event I understand I will receive no royalties or other payment for any screenings, live or virtual, but will be eligible for prizes and professional development opportunities.


    4. I understand that my Film will be assessed by a selection committee and that no communication will be entered into by S+S regarding this process. The selection decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


    5. I give S+S the right to screen/record/photograph my Film for archival, marketing and publicity purposes (including in unpaid public forums such as YouTube, Vimeo or similar).


    6. A Film which has been publicly screened in the host city of any of S+S festival is still eligible for entry and consideration in any of our S+S festivals and cities.


    7. All plays which have been adapted into films must have the permission of the playwright.


    8. I understand copyright material cannot be used unless I have documentation to prove legal authorisation from the musician, artist, writer or record label.


    9. I may also be required to provide Actor Release Forms to be signed by the people appearing in your film.


    10. I understand that Films in any language are eligible, but must be subtitled in English.


    11. The festival is open to filmmakers of all ages and levels of experience.


    12. Submission deadline for Sydney S+S Film Festival is 11:59pm (AEST), December 31, 2016.


    13. All content submitted must be in accordance with the law and any perceived illegal activity will be reported to the appropriate authorities.


    14. I understand that if my Film is selected as a finalist I will be required to provide S+S with the highest quality recording of the Film so that it can be screened.


    15. No restrictions on the Device(s) used to record or create video and audio.


    16. No restrictions on Software used to create, edit or enhance video and audio.


    17. The festival is open to filmmakers of ALL ages and levels of experience. 


    18. The cost of entry to S+S Film is $20. If you need another payment method or are having trouble with payment please contact us at [email protected]


    Privacy Statement


    The personal information provided by you will only be used by us for S+S Festivals, competitions and related activities, and to communicate with you about those activities. You can opt out of these at any time by responding to any emails received with "Unsubscribe" in the subject line or the body of an email.



  1. The Grand Prize is to have your film screened in Hollywood at the inaugural Short+Sweet Film Festival Hollywood in mid 2017.

    More prizes, opportunities and judges will be announced over the upcoming months.