Short+Sweet Dance Melbourne is looking for Interns!

Want experience in being a Dance Festival Director?

Short+Sweet Dance Melbourne is on the search for two enthusiastic and energized people to come on board as Festival Director Interns. Get first hand experience in managing; directing and helping over 30 choreographers bring their work to life in an environment that is all about performance art and meeting like minded people.

Short+Sweet Dance Melbourne 2013



This year’s Festival sees the reboot of Dance on Film, which will be immersed in over 30 works by choreographers from all over Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Berlin and Tasmania.

Short+Sweet Dance Melbourne is a platform for emerging and professional choreographers to develop and showcase their work in a supportive environment, where their only concern is their individual creative process. We bring choreographers from a wide range of genres and experiences together to share and exchange ideas. Through this experience, developing choreographers have the opportunity to learn from dance professionals and acclaimed choreographers will be reenergized by the raw passion of our next generation movement makers.  

In 2013 Short+Sweet Dance Melbourne sees a reboot of Dance on Film surrounded by over 30 new works by choreographers from Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Tasmania, France and Berlin. Come and see returning award winning artists Rain Francis and Bicky Lee, the very popular Urban Irish Dancers and Short+Sweet Dance Melbourne’s youngest choreographer Gabriella at the fresh age of 13 present new and exciting dance.



Short+Sweet Arts Festival Melbourne and Ausdance Victoria present the rebooted Dance Wild Card Program where audience, choreographers and dance lovers have the opportunity to experience performance and process in an afternoon of dance. This is your chance to not only witness but participate in how choreographers make tough artistic decisions in the dance making process.

1. 6 choreographers present short studio style dance works to an audience.
2. Facilitated by Dance Festival Director Adam Wheeler, the audience, choreographers and performers engage in critical feedback about the works.
3. The 6 choreographers have 45 minutes to rework their pieces. While the audience are entertained by special guest artists, including Ben Hancock.
4. The 6 choreographers present their reworked pieces to the audience.
5. 2 works are selected by the audience to be performed that night in the Dance Gala

Total running time of event is approximately 2.5 hours

Special audience prize of 4 double passes to Short+Sweet Arts Festival Gala Night on Sunday 8th of December.

Apply here - First 6 are in

Applications close Monday 2nd December 
Contact: Adam at [email protected] for more info

"Short+Sweet has given me the oppurtunity to create and develop solo material on myself which is ultimately shaping my evolution as an immerging artist. Through this festival I have met many wonderful people and have engaged with a network of people that I can work with, be inspired by, and learn from. In receiving the Short+Sweet Dance 2012 Most Outstanding Female Performer award for my performance in my work Man Up and Do a Solo I have gained confidence and belief in myself to continue working on the solo material and developing this work on myself this year as well as next year in Melbourne and abroad."

Bicky Lee, winner of Outstanding Work By A Female Performer

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Short+Sweet Theatre Melbourne 2013

The biggest little Arts Festival in Melbourne just got BIGGER!  

SHORT+SWEET Arts Festival Melbourne plays host to up to 50 original Theatre shows all jam packed into 2 weeks!

The Short+Sweet Theatre stage is home to a wild array of characters, telling their story and then making way for the next character to barrel in. The artists are given ten minutes to let their story live in front of a live audience. Everything from comedy to drama to absurdism to clowning to tragedy to realism. Theatre makers and the audiences to delve into a complete world and and pop out the other end 10 minutes later. 

Last year's recipient of Best Director and Best Overall Director Daniel Lammin sums up his experience of Short+Sweet: 

'My first year with S&S, I got the chance to see if I was a director. My second year, I got the chance to prove what I could do as a director. My third year, I got to be as brave as I possibly could be and push myself, my work and the audience further than I had imagined. And that's exactly what Short & Sweet should be about - ten minutes to be as brave as you can.'

This year is set to be one of the biggest and most exciting seasons yet.

After winning Best Comedy in the 2013 Melbourne Fringe, Isabel Angus and Rachel Davis are bringing us a little rom com and International Illusionist Simon Coronel combines magic and theatre in 'Oral Fixation'. Marcus Willis and Dan Pavatich bring us a fully improvised piece aptly titled Marcus and Dan'. 

SSAFM is the forum for freedom on the stage.

Last year's winner of Best Writing Kerith Manderson Galvin:

'Sometimes I feel like I have a lot of things that I want to say and I worry people won't ever get to hear them and I'm scared of the reaction if they do. My short play Jack won Short and Sweet Best Writing last year and I'm just so glad that that piece got a chance to be seen and heard, and maybe people liked it, or didn't, and maybe they took something from it, maybe they thought about things differently afterwards. Maybe it was something they wouldn't have thought about if it hadn't had a chance to be staged. It was an opportunity for me to have an audience's attention for ten minutes and tell them everything I needed to say. '

Something brand spanking new is gracing the stage this year too!

SSAFM are teaming up with Crash Test Drama Melbourne on Sunday December 1. 10 Short+Sweet scripts, 10 professional directors – 3 hours to audition, rehearse and produce top class theatre. Come and see the glory that these fantastic theatre makers can produce under pressure. It’s sure to be a day of laughs and tears. It's sure to be one of the most varied and exciting events of the festival and it is a fantastic place to meet the best theatre makers in Melbourne. 

Soren Jensen, winner of Best Actor 2013:

'Short and Sweet was a fantastic opportunity, not only to perform, but to meet people, network and make connections. I can thank that exposure and connections for many of the exciting projects and people I have got to work with over the last 12 months. It's a fantastic time for the community to come together and share little bite sized pieces of art and theatre.'

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Short+Sweet Townsville 2013


Date: 11-16 November

Time: 7pm (bar opens at 6pm)

Tickets: $20pp

The biggest festival of ten-minute theatre in the world, with plays from local and international writers. Short+Sweet Theatre starts with an annual call for submissions from playwrights and Independent Theatre Companies across the globe. Each year around 2000 scripts and submissions are sent in.

Come along and see Townsville’s actors directed by our own directors – and in some cases performing work written by local writers.


Short +Sweet Acting and Directing Workshops

11-16 November

5pm to 6pm daily

$10 for each workshop or $50 for all workshops.

Acting Workshops focussed on acting techniques and give actors a clear and practical understanding about what is required of an actor for auditions. Develop an    understanding of what ‘NOT ACTING’ means. Identify and have an awareness of    one’s own personal habits (good or bad) and an understanding of the necessary    tools to make any changes required to be a successful working actor in the marketplace. It will give them experience in auditioning with and without a script and   with and without time preparation.


Basic rules for directors and the chance  to put those rules into effect immediately

1. How to think like a director, from script structure to design, props and costume.

2. What traits are you looking for in an actor?

Workshops funding support by the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) – a Queensland government and Townsville City Council partnership to support local arts and culture.

For more information CLICK HERE

To contact please email: [email protected]

SSAFM 2013 is looking for interns!

Would you like to be involved in the workings of a major Melbourne Festival?

SSAFM are now hiring interns for the 2013 season. We are looking for specific roles in backstage, tech, front of house, artist liasing, VIP liasing and Late Night Hub coordination. If you would like to come on board the SSAFM team for 2013 please send a video by Wednesday 30 October to Celeste - [email protected] 

Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2014

Short+Sweet Sydney is the largest festival of 10 minute plays in the world!

Our lucky number thirteen Short+Sweet Sydney theatre festival is nearing an end, with our Gala Finals and Variety Gala remaining. We showcased 160+ brand new plays from Australian and international writers, put together by the best up-and-coming and established directors and performed by veteran actors and fresh new talent. The Gala Final is the best 12 plays from the sseason held at Seymour Centre's York Theatre.


With the main season over, we just have our prestigious Gala Finals remaining. This is truly the best 10 minute theatre event in the world, with the top 12 plays from our season of 160+.

Short+Sweet Theatre Gala Finals: Fri 21 Mar, 7:30pm - the best of S+S Theatre

This show features the Judges' Choice winner from each week, the equal winners of the People's Choice vote and the two winners of the Wildcards season.

You can read more about the Theatre Gala plays here.

Short+Sweet Variety Gala: Sat 22 Mar, 7:30pm - the best of S+S Theatre, Dance AND Cabaret all in one show!

You can read more about the Variety Gala acts here.


TICKETS to both Gala shows here.


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Programme Information form

Complete this form to submit information about your play for our weekly programme. The deadline for this information is TWO WEEKS before your play is due to be performed. After that time, we cannot guarantee your information will be accurately printed in the programme. Thanks!

Please complete this form carefully - use capital letters for all names and ensure your play's synopsis is well-written and enticing. Your writer can help you with this.

Please use title case for your play and Capitalise The First Letter Of EVERY Word. Eg "In The End I Thought I Was Still Right."
Please select your play's performance dates. Be careful to select "Wildcards" or "Top 80" appropriately or your information might be lost!
We have very limited space in our programme so please keep your synopsis at 40 words max or it will be edited down.
Use a separate field for each actor. Only complete as many fields as you have actors. Please type their full name immediately followed by the role they're playing in brackets, eg: Susan Johnson (Miranda)
Please include email addresses for ALL of your actors. This is compulsory information.
Please include a contact number (you must use a mobile number if they have one) for ALL of your actors. This is compulsory information.
Please include email addresses for ALL of your actors. This is compulsory information.
Please include a contact number (you must use a mobile number if they have one) for ALL of your actors. This is compulsory information.
Please include email addresses for ALL of your actors. This is compulsory information.
Please include a contact number (you must use a mobile number if they have one) for ALL of your actors. This is compulsory information.
Please include email addresses for ALL of your actors. This is compulsory information.
Please include a contact number (you must use a mobile number if they have one) for ALL of your actors. This is compulsory information.
If you have another contributor for your play, such as a Set Designer, Dramaturg, or Composer, put their name and role in this field, eg: Bill Smyth, Composer
Is there any other information you'd like to have included? We have a very limited amount of space in our programme and may not be able to print everything but it doesn't hurt for us to know about it!

Short+Sweet Cabaret Melbourne 2013

Short + Sweet Cabaret Gala ON SALE NOW. Saturday December 1st at 7:00pm. BUY TICKETS HERE!

It’s a brave, new musical mash up of characters, stories, songs, politics, relationships, energy, cultural relevance and social commentary. 

Short + Sweet Cabaret Melbourne pays tribute to an exciting underground cabaret network the city boasts in venues and festivals daily. Where professional and emerging talents converge into dressing rooms and explode onto the stage with work that it bursting with a flavor only Melbourne knows how to taste.

The 2013 program is no exception. Celebrating Australia’s freshest cabaret talents, presenting over 30 works, in 5 days each just ten minutes long.  Some Festival highlights include the subtle, loveable Beau Heartbreaker, the crisp, hilarious story telling of Nicolette Minster, and a return to the stage from some Short + Sweet favourites including Shanon Whitelock, Kate Allnutt and Taylor Klas. Stories and music melt into new ideas, where risks are taken, traditions broken and ideals are tested. Be prepared to see something you have never seen before, leave humming the tune of a new beat and break the boundaries cabaret contains. 

“Not only did S + S Cabaret enable me to see several different styles of original cabaret, network with other artists and be seen by industry professionals, but the prizes I received have been invaluable for me to develop my work!  And all from a little 10 minute show.  Thanks for the leg up S + S!”
- Ruth Wilkins, Short+Sweet Cabaret Winner 2012 

Short+Sweet Cabaret Continues to Grow.

In it’s first year Short + Sweet cabaret graced the stage at the Butterfly Club in South Melbourne under the direction of David Reed. Through his vision, continued by  Festival Director Emma Ford and most recently Festival Director Joanne O’Callaghan we have seen it establish a place in the hearts of Melbourne performers and the growing industry as a platform to launch new cabaret ideas and talents.  Previous participants and award winners include Geraldine Quinn(Spicks and Specks, Adam Hills Tonight) who went on to win a Golden Gibbo award in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival amongst many others, Ruth Wilkin, who went on to win Best Cabaret Melbourne Fringe 2012, and nominated for Best Cabaret Adelaide Fringe. Hannah Williams in Mercedez Benz Awkwardly who won Peoples choice Award Melbourne Fringe 2012 and recently was asked to perform her show at the New York Fringe Festival, and most recently Oprahfication, by Rachel Dunham and Shanon Whitelock, with extensive tours in 2013 after winning the Tour Ready Award in Short + Sweet 2012, the have been signed to Gordon Frost Organisation to produce a full length musical under the same name.

All of these artists started by taking a chance with just ten minutes in the Short + Sweet Cabaret Festival.

Short + Sweet aims to provide a professional platform for artists to create and present new 10 minute works, while providing the audience with a unique entertainment experience.  This is where the edges are cut on cutting edge cabaret, see it first and follow it beyond.

“I LOVED my Short and Sweet Cabaret experience. I had always wanted to write a show but never had the confidence to do so. When I heard about Short + Sweet, I knew it would be a safe and encouraging platform to test out new material - and it only had to be ten minutes. If it hadn't been for Short + Sweet, I would never have known what the possibilities are for independent artists and wouldn't of gone on to extend the show and discover the wonderment that is producing and touring your own show.“ 
- Hannah Williams, Short + Sweet Cabaret Peoples Choice Winner 2012

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